Best 8 Tile shops to Buy Terrazzo Tiles in Australia

Terrazzo tiles are currently in high demand in the tiles market. As a result, it can be challenging to find terrazzo tiles staying too long in stock. In most cases here in Australia, you would have to do a pre-booking in a nearby local tiles shop to get the opportunity to buy terrazzo tiles.  Click here to learn more about terrazzo tiles.

Yes. I called buying terrazzo tiles an opportunity because the demand is highly competitive. And, if you are planning to buy in large quantities for a bigger renovation project, you might need to order from the manufacturers directly. 

In these present times, most contractors and architects prefer terrazzo to other types of tiles. That cannot be far from the fact that it allows them to bring out their creative abilities to achieve the perfect picture of what they have in mind.  So, as you plan to use terrazzo tiles for your flooring, you also need to know where to get them in the right quantity. 

This article has compiled a list of credible online tile stores that can deliver your terrazzo tiles to your doorstep in whatever quantity you want. I know you might prefer buying from a local store to ordering your tiles online because it will enable you to check the quality before buying. However, online stores make the buying and delivery process easier. Not only that, but they also offer top-quality terrazzo tiles at affordable prices. visit to read about Best 5 Tips to Choose the Right Terrazzo Tiles for Your Home Designs.

Now, let’s get to this list

Best 8 Online Tile shops in Australia

1. Overstock 

The name of this online tile shop speaks volumes. Overstock is known to be a credible haven of high-quality terrazzo tiles. I don’t understand why the owner of this store came up with the brand name, but I can tell you that Overstock has enough terrazzo tiles in stock. 

You might also find it interesting to know that overstock is more than an online tiles shop; you can also get exclusive home décor and furniture items at affordable prices. Aside from being a major terrazzo tiles supplier, Overstock is also a go-to option for all kinds of tiles. 

One of the best features of this online tiles store is the simplicity of its official website. You can access each page on the website without complications. Simply put, Overstock makes it easy to get terrazzo tiles at any quantity right from the comfort of your home.

2. The Builder Depot

The Builder Depot has been in the business of delivering high-quality tiles for several years. Hence, you will be making a great choice patronizing this online store for your terrazzo tiles. 

This store operates a customer-friendly official website that features a vast inventory with various top-notch tiles designs, shapes, and sizes. This store always finds a place on contractors’ recommendation lists because it offers relatively the most reasonable prices than other stores. 

The Builder Depot deals in a wide variety of tiles, including hexagon and penny round mosaic. You can also order your home décor products at affordable prices. The Builder Depot website is super responsive, and that encourages easy buying.

3. AllModern

This online store is among the most credible places to get terrazzo tiles in whatever quantity you want. AllModern can be your major supplier of everything you need from start to finish when handling colossal renovation projects. 

Over the years, AllModern has been a major online store that delivers high-quality terrazzo tiles. Even when there is a limit in supply everywhere globally, you only need few clicks to get your terrazzo tiles delivered to your doorstep.  

On the official website, check the home improvement section to view a seemingly endless list that contains different types, sizes, colors, and designs.

4. The Tile Shop

This store focuses mainly on supplying a wide variety of top-quality tiles. No matter how dry the terrazzo market is, you can always rely on this tile store for consistent supply. It boasts a judiciously curated collection of elegant, durable, first-class tiles that will not break your pocket. 

Most interior décor experts had made The Tile Shop their favorite destination because it provides them all the necessary remodeling items they need to transform both the interior and exterior parts of a building. 

The website graciously showcases high-end terrazzo tiles with beautiful designs ideal for your kitchen and bathroom update.    

5. Joss and Main

Joss and Main boast a collection of various types of interior design materials with over 500-floor designs. If there is a limit in the supply of terrazzo tiles elsewhere, Joss and Main got your back. Joss and Main is a local store with a strong online presence. You can choose to walk down to a nearby local store or sit down and order your tiles at the comfort of your home. 

Joss and Main are better known for their high customer esteem. The store owners are always striving to ensure their customers don’t run out of options.

6. Fireclay Tile 

Fireclay deals inexpensive tiles for luxury homes and high iconic commercial spaces, and that makes the store stand out from the competition. Fireclay is a perfect destination for different classes of terrazzo tiles. You can get whatever size, color, and texture you want. Meanwhile, Fireclay is not only a sure haven for terrazzo tiles; you can get artisan-made tiles, glass tiles, and bricks in large quantities. 

7. Home Depot

Home Depot is a perfect destination for home improvement needs. They don’t deal in old-fashioned tiles, so if you want modern-day tiles that can make your building its best, Home Depot is the right choice. Over the years, this online store has proved its commitment to the distribution of terrazzo tiles for different renovation works.

8. Artistic Tile 

This store is known for offering top-quality terrazzo tiles for residential and commercial uses. Not only that, this store prioritizes sales of terrazzo tiles over other types. Check its official website to see the multiple options available for you.

Final Words 

Sometimes, terrazzo tiles become scarce due to high demand in the present market. When such happens, I can assure you that you will find premium terrazzo tiles in any of the above-listed online stores. You choose to patronize any of them based on your taste and preferences. It is also a good idea to compare prices if you are running on a low budget.