Terrazzo tiles have become an essential item for home décor due to their unmatched durability and versatility. As a result, the market demand for terrazzo tiles has risen to the sky in recent times. Almost every interior designer and contractor wants to take advantage of terrazzo’s flexibility to add value to their renovation projects.

What would you also prefer? An easy to clean tile made of high-quality materials or a classic tile costs less and adds more value to your property? Whatever your taste and preference might be, terrazzo tiles is what you need to make your fantasies come reality.

However, it’s alarming to hear some people complaining that they couldn’t get what they project exactly with their terrazzo tiles. If you have also found yourself in that same shoe, it can only be one thing – you don’t know how to use terrazzo tiles to make your intended flooring rightly.

Are you surprised to hear that? Allow me to give you further details. The type, shape, size and colours of your tiles will determine the outcome of your design. From an expert perspective, you need to carefully choose your terrazzo tiles to make your home look its best. Click here to read about Best 8 Tile shops to Buy Terrazzo Tiles in Australia.

For instance, there are certain places in the home that doesn’t need smooth-surfaced tiles. If you use the wrong tiles with the wrong colour, shape and size, all your renovation expenses will amount to nothing at the end of the day. 

So, how do you choose the right terrazzo tiles for excellent home design? Let’s go and discuss them in detail.

How to choose the right terrazzo tiles for your home designs 

1. Size 

Though it may seem inconsequential initially, the size of the tile you use in your home décor determines whether you get the praise or blame. For terrazzo tiles, you have up to 20 different sizes from which you will have to choose the right one for your home design. 

However, it is alarming that some people that don’t know this truth pick one size they think would work. When it comes to getting a precise result, it is not ideal for picking sizes at random. You need to know about the available sizes and know which one would fit perfectly for your working place.

Terrazzo tiles are available from 96” x 48” to 24” x 24”. These comprehensive size options allow you to minimize joint lines to create an original look. When you know how to combine the right sizes to produce your intended design, your home will look so beautiful.   

That is one of the reasons I advise people not to install their terrazzo tiles themselves. You would have to hire the expertise of a professional installer to get things done accurately. You can also consult the store attendant to give you some details about the right size you will need for your home décor. Mind you, ‘the right size’ depends on your preferred design and where you want to lay the tiles.

2. Colour

Terrazzo tiles are available in a whopping 14 standard colours, and that provide interior designers with a more incredible opportunity to bring their creative ability into action. It allows you to come up with unique floor patterns that will showcase creativity and beauty. The combination of standard colours and sizes is nothing short of excellence. If you get it right, there is no limit to what you can design. 

The available standard colours of terrazzo tiles include Arctic white, Sterling White, Parchment White, Bleached Moss, Italian Blend, Nougat Red, African Pink, Beige, Cinnamon Yellow, Deck Gray, Gibraltar Gray, Onyx Mint, Moss Black, and Baldwin Black.

Feel free to create any background of your choice with your colour chip to have a wide variety of coloured stones to provide your intended custom colour. To know the suitable colour for your home décor, you can discuss extensively with a professional painter to get a perfect combination. 

3. Layout 

Getting the right size and colour for your home décor is not enough. The layout also matters in achieving your intended design. 

Terrazzo tiles are super versatile and flexible. As a result, it allows you to get creative with how you lay your tiles in any given space. In reality, the layout brings flesh to the skeleton of the combination of sizes and colours. Indeed, you have to choose your sizes and colours based on the pattern or layout you want to create. 

A few layout ideas can allow you to make the best use of your terrazzo tiles. A few of them are horizontal running bonds, stack bonds, vertical running bonds, herringbone, vertical offset, and diagonal offset to crosshatch.

4. Type 

The type of terrazzo tiles you also use matters in creating your preferred design. Allow me to elaborate. 

To begin with, we can categorise terrazzo tiles based on their appearance and based on project specifications. But standard terrazzo tiles come with small stone chips and polished surfaces, so it is easy to identify them in stock.

Another type of terrazzo tiles available is Venetian which also looks ground and polished. The difference between standard and Venetian is that the stone chips in Venetian terrazzo are more prominent than standard terrazzo. 

Rustic terrazzo is another type available. It comes with a uniformly textured finish and exposed stone chips. For Palladian terrazzo, you can identify it with its mosaic finish.

Meanwhile, the type of terrazzo you will need in your house depends on the functioning of the space. Some terrazzo tiles are good in the kitchen, while some are not suitable for the bathroom.

5. Finish

The finish dictates your design’s outcome, so you have to carefully choose the type of terrazzo tile you want to use for your home décor. For instance, a glossy finish will make space look brighter, bolder and more vibrant, while a matte finish brings a cooler and casual feel. A metallic finish gives a room a luxury look, showing off class and elegance.

Final Words 

Terrazzo tiles offer you an opportunity to get creative with your designs, but you need to know how to choose correctly to maximize that opportunity. The above tips will guide you to carefully select your terrazzo tiles to develop a sensational design that will wow your family and guests.