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Review of Seniors Medications in Calgary

medication reviewWe offer a review of your Seniors Medications in Calgary.  If you are feeling confused by the number of medications you have, its probably time to go through them!

As we get older, the medications, vitamins and supplements we are prescribed grow to an overwhelming number. With so many pills to take, it’s easy to feel confused or under informed.

That’s why Retire-At-Home Calgary includes Medication Management with our Home Care services and this includes a review of Seniors Medication in Calgary. We are dedicated to making your medication experience as easy and stress-free as possible by performing regular, in-home medication reviews.

Our in-home review for Seniors Medications in Calgary includes:

  • Performance of quarterly audits on the medication being taken.
  • Review of medication instructions and intake directions.
  • Removal of all discontinued medications from the home.
  • Advice on any concerns and questions related to your medications.

To avoid becoming overwhelmed, here are some tips for managing your Seniors Medications in Calgary:

  • Keep a list of your medications with you at all times
  • Keep informed about your medications. Learn why you are taking them and any possible side effects they may cause.
  • Take note of any side effects you are experiencing and inform your doctor immediately
  • Always take your medications as directed. For example, with food or before bedtime, and make sure you understand the effects alcohol may have on the medication
  • Do not take any additional medications without consulting your doctor or pharmacist first
  • Know the possible consequences of missing a dose
  • Dispose of any expired or discontinued medication
  • Inform your doctor of every medication you take, even vitamins and over-the-counter medications
  • Always read the labels on your medication. Ask your pharmacist if they can make the print larger if you are having trouble reading the small print
  • Never mix your medications in the same container (they can interact with each other and create a different chemical reaction)
  • Inform your doctor if you decide to stop taking a medication. If a certain medication is causing you problems, you may be able to take an alternative medication. Some medications also need to be gradually reduced in order to avoid problems
  • Never share your medication
  • Only take medication that has been approved by your doctor
  • Do not change the way (time or dosage) you take a medication without consulting your doctor

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