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genese smithGenese Smith, RN
Home Health Liaison

Genese Smith has been a registered nurse for over 14 years. During this time she has witnessed the many challenges faced by seniors and their families in Calgary. Genese has always been driven by a passion to serve others and give quality care. She has dreamed of owning her own business where she can give extraordinary service to people and take the extra time to personalize the health care services she provides.

Genese sees Retire-At-Home Services in Calgary, AB as perfect fit for her personal convictions of quality care and developing strong community partnerships. She is excited to serve Calgary area seniors with quality in home care and helping families with the challenges they face in caring for their loved ones.


laverne brownLaverne Brown
Operations Manager

When Laverne Brown first immigrated to Canada in 1988 she pursued training as a certified nurse’s attendant. She went on to work for 4 years providing quality personal and palliative care for seniors and patients with a variety of critical care needs. From these experiences, and from helping her own mother through challenging times, she discovered her passion for providing personalized health care to seniors at home by enhancing their overall quality of life. Laverne also has a degree in Engineering and has pursued a successful career in this field as well.


Company History

Since 1994, we have been providing Personal Home Care Services in the Calgary, AB area to individuals who are dealing with health concerns that affect their independence. Our goal is to give you the choice to stay at home for as long as you wish while maintaining your independence.

We are proudly Canadian and we have a strong understanding of the Canadian health care system. Our system has been accredited by Accreditation Canada which means that we meet national standards for the Personal Home Care Services we provide. Over our many years, Retire-At-Home and its owners have won many awards for quality of service, business ethics and community leadership.

Founded in Ottawa, Ontario by Irene Martin, RN, our focus from day one has been to provide seniors with a complete solution of Personal Home Care Services so that they can truly Retire-At-Home!

Mrs. Martin founded Retire-At-Home with the philosophy that quality care must address both the emotional and the physical health of an individual. It has been shown that the healing process is accelerated when they are emotionally healthy. This is the reason we aim to bring peace of mind to our clients and their families by making every effort possible to personalize our services to each client and their individual needs. This is our total well-being approach and is the philosophy that drives our entire team to build strong, long-lasting relationships with all our clients. Together, we have grown as a team and as a family.

With over 20 years of experience, a wide range of Personal Home Care Services, and compassionate professional team, you can rest assured that you can Retire-At-Home in comfort and safety!

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