Healthy Sleeping Patterns for Senior Health Calgary

Getting enough sleep each night is something that is significant for the maintenance of health and wellbeing at all ages, but becomes particularly important in older age. Ensuring that the right balance of both sleep quality and number of hours slept is consistent in seniors’ routines is vital for the states of both mental and […]

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seniors cholesterol calgary

Seniors and Cholesterol

Understanding Cholesterol and the Importance of Monitoring it Unhealthy levels of cholesterol can have a meaningfully harmful and negative effect on seniors’ health, so it is imperative that seniors and those who provide their care and support maintain an awareness of the problems that can come into play so that they can work towards preventing […]

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seniors quit smoking calgary

Helping Seniors Quit Smoking

Despite the fact that knowledge regarding the detrimental effects that smoking can have upon the body is widespread and well-known, many seniors still continue to smoke. People choose to smoke for a whole host of different reasons, whether it be nostalgia, a coping mechanism, a well-cemented habit, or a deep-seated addiction. Whatever feelings or factors […]

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acupuncture seniors calgary

Acupuncture for Seniors

Acupuncture can be an important part of maintaining health in Seniors As seniors grow older and learn to work through the various changes and developments that come as a part of the aging process, many individuals find value in exploring treatment options that exist outside of the traditional biomedical model. Among the options that exist […]

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seniors migraines calgary

Seniors and Migraines

The feelings of frustration, discomfort, and annoyance that so often come alongside a headache can be exaggerated to an overwhelming and painful degree when one is experiencing a migraine. The onset of migraines can be caused by numerous contributors relating to various sources, and the symptoms that result exist on a spectrum that can range […]

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seniors nutritional needs calgary

Nutritional Needs of Seniors

Eating in ways that supply our bodies with sufficient amounts of the proper nutrition is something that is essential for the promotion and maintenance of health at all ages. It is important to understand that the nutritional needs of our bodies undergo changes as we grow older and move through the life course, because it […]

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laughter medicine calgary

Healing Benefits of Laughter Medicine

We often hear people refer to laughter as the best form of medicine, but most of us are not fully aware of just how great an impact the act of laughing can have upon the state of both our bodies and our minds. Laughter is more than simply an outward expression of positive or joyous […]

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skin care for seniors calgary

Skin Care for Seniors

Caring for our skin is important at any age, but the needs and types of attention that need to be directed towards skin health change as we pass through different stages of life. Skin grows weaker and more sensitive in older age and, as a result, comes to require special care that targets older skin […]

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music alzheimers calgary

Effects of Music on People with Alzheimers

Alzheimer’s and Music Hearing a familiar song can invoke meaningful feelings of nostalgia, can call up memories from the past, and can evoke deep and powerful emotions. Engaging with music, especially music with which memories are associated, can be a pleasant activity for seniors, but it can also act as a tool for stimulating memory […]

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seniors loss grief calgary

Seniors Coping with Loss Grief

Helping Seniors Cope with Loss The loss of a loved-one is emotionally harrowing and difficult to navigate at any stage of life, but the process of grieving and mourning in older age can impact seniors’ mental and physical health in increasingly significant ways. An unfortunate reality that accompanies the process of growing old is the […]

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