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On July 26,2012 Retire-At-Home held a Senior’s Appreciation Day for its clients. It turned out to be a beautiful day in the park, with exercises, games and lots of food!

Genese Smith, Kim Savage, Miriam Falon and Sophia Tomlinson were present from the Retire-At-Home team to help with the day.  The day was started with a little bit of seated exercise such as stretching their arms and tapping their feet while listening to Jazz being played in the background.

Games started shortly afterwards where they played games such as cards and Checkers. Cyril, the only male participant, won the game of checkers while the ladies thought it was not fair that he could find so many spaces to move.

With all the fun and laughter everyone soon became hungry and lunch was served.  Soup was given as an appetizer and followed sandwiches with juices.

Everyone had a great time and the seniors thought it was a wonderful gesture to get them out of their homes and to give them the opportunity to relax and enjoy nature.  They appreciated it very much. Thanks to everyone who made this day a success!