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Sun Protection for Seniors – Calgary

Sun protection is incredibly important for everyone, but when it comes to seniors there is often an extra vulnerability at play as a result of advanced age and some of the health problems that seniors may be experiencing. Senior skin is more vulnerable to damage, and a sunburn can have a more severe impact on seniors than it might have on younger skin.  The following are some simple things to keep in mind that can help seniors avoid any damage or problems as a result of exposure to the sun.

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The Health Benefits of Tea – Calgary

Tea has an incredible history and, for many, is associated with comfort and traditions. The act of sitting down with a cup of tea can be relaxing, grounding, and comforting for many seniors who have enjoyed tea throughout their lives. On top of the positive emotional and calming impacts that drinking tea can have for those who enjoy it, tea itself can also have health benefits that are great for various areas of seniors’ bodies and minds.

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How Volunteering Can Enrich Seniors’ Lives – Calgary

Volunteering can be a wonderful opportunity for seniors to fill their time and to feel like they are making a meaningful contribution to causes or areas of their community that are important to them. With so many options available in places like animal shelters, children’s hospitals, food banks, homeless shelters, community events, workshops, museums, churches, and so much more, seniors can find somewhere to Volunteer their time no matter what their interests, passions, or values are.

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Dealing with Seasonal Allergies in Spring and Summer– Calgary

While the warm weather brings with it a fresh season of beauty, warmth, and sunshine, things like pollen and other common allergens also pop up during this time of year.  Seasonal Allergy symptoms don’t discriminate based on age, so seniors are just as likely as their younger counterparts to have to face the symptoms of Seasonal Allergies. When coupled with existing health conditions and symptoms from other health problems, Allergies can often feel especially difficult to deal with for seniors, but there are some ways to try and reduce exposure to allergens and keep Allergy symptoms to a minimum.

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Benefits of Learning a New Language – Calgary

A great deal of time, dedication, and hard work is required to learn a new language, and it is easy to get discouraged and not quite see the point of trying so late in life. The reality is, however, that the time and effort that goes in to learning a new language is entirely worth it and can enrich seniors lives in a whole host of wonderful ways.

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The Benefits of Gardening for Seniors – Calgary

Gardening is an activity that allows for creativity, physical movement, interaction with nature, and a whole host of other positive features. Spending time outside working in the garden is a hobby that many seniors enjoy in the warm-weather months, but it can be more than just a fun way to pass the time.

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Activities for Seniors in Springtime – Calgary

After a winter spent doing activities that keep themselves out of the harsh cold, seniors are often excited to take part in the many activities that become more accessible and available when the milder spring weather hits. Taking time to engage with hobbies, games, nature, and general fun is incredibly beneficial for cognitive, physical, and emotional wellbeing on many levels.

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Caring for Seniors with Parkinson’s Disease – Calgary

Parkinson’s Disease is a degenerative neurological disease that is progressive in nature. Parkinson’s is more common in men than in women, and is also more common among older adults than younger ones. Genetics is also a risk factor when it comes to Parkinson’s, as individuals with a family member with Parkinson’s are more likely to develop the disease themselves. 

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