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Celebrating the Holidays with Seniors- Calgary

A great deal of preparation and planning go into the holidays as a whole, but celebrating with ageing family members and loved ones necessitates some special attention. Thought needs to be directed towards determining how best to structure and navigate holiday gatherings, traditions, and activities that seniors will attend. The emotional and physical needs of seniors that need to be monitored and tended to don’t simply disappear when holiday cheer comes knocking, so some purposeful thought about all pertinent factors needs to take place in the process of planning holidays that will be spent with seniors.

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The Benefits of Reading for Seniors– Calgary

With so many options of things to read in the forms of books, magazines, newspapers, web-content, poetry, or any other collection of words, there is enough reading material out in the world to suit any interest, and the options are always expanding. More than just a fun and interesting hobby, reading also involves a whole host of different mental exercises that are incredibly helpful for the aging brain.

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Dealing with Joint Pain in the Cold-Weather Months – Calgary

The cold-weather often has an impact on the way our bodies feel overall and how we experience the world around us. When the weather is cold, everything feels a little different than it does when the sun is blazing and the air is warm. When it comes to joints, many people who experience pain in these areas report that they notice a meaningful difference when the weather is colder. Whether it be because of differences in air pressure that take place in the cold-weather months, or whether it is the chill in the air itself that causes a change, fall and winter can be more challenging times for seniors’ joint pain.

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When the Time Comes to Stop Driving – Calgary

Being able to drive around means that seniors can take themselves to their appointments, go on enjoyable outings whenever they want, visit friends and family without a great deal of fuss, and really just navigate their time without having to consult with other people about how to get where they want to go.

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Considering the Needs of Seniors with Autism – Calgary

Considering the Needs of Seniors with Autism – Calgary

In an attempt to appropriately consider and tend to the specific care needs of seniors with Autism, it is important that loved-ones and caregivers work towards building a comprehensive and conscious understanding of how Autism can impact the lived experiences of seniors, how Autism can interact to create differences or exaggerations in the experience of age-related health concerns, and how best to be behave and conduct oneself in a respectful and compassionate way as decisions are made concerning how best to address care.

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Seniors Coping with Loss Grief

Helping Seniors Cope with Loss The loss of a loved-one is emotionally harrowing and difficult to navigate at any stage of life, but the process of grieving and mourning in older age can impact seniors’ mental and physical health in increasingly significant ways. An... read more

Managing Stress Levels with Seniors

Stress in Seniors While many of us consider the senior years to be a period of life that is meant to be filled with feelings of calm and relaxation because seniors supposedly have fewer responsibilities to juggle when they are retired and their families are grown, the... read more

Seniors and Medication Adherence

Adhering to a Medication Plan can be difficult for many Seniors in Greater Calgary! Whenever medications are prescribed to seniors to address specific health problems or symptoms, the ultimate overarching goal is always to introduce medications that will improve the... read more

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