Free Initial Assessment with a Nurse

home care assessment by a nurse in CalgaryIts time to sit down with an Experienced Home Care Nurse to discuss your care options. Our Nurse Assessment is free of charge!

Retire-At-Home Calgary is owned and operated by experienced Nurses who will provide you and your family with a free assessment to discuss a customized care plan that can help you remain safe and comfortable at home.   The goal of the Free Nurse Assessment is to provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision about your care, and for our team to gather the required information to build a plan that meets your medical needs, personal wishes, and monthly budget.

This meeting with our Nurse is scheduled on a day and time that works for you and your family, and we will visit you anywhere in the Calgary area. Whether you live at home, whether you’re recovering in hospital and want to go home, or whether are in a retirement home and need additional support, our Nurse Case Managers come to you for this assessment.

How quickly can the Free Nurse Assessment be scheduled?

Retire-At-Home Calgary can usually book the assessment with you as soon as you’re available. If you have immediate care needs, we will usually visit you within a few hours of receiving your call and we can often start providing your service in less than a day – often times on the same day if required!

If you are planning ahead for the future or thinking about starting non-urgent service (i.e. next week or next month), we will book the assessment at your convenience, either days or weeks ahead.

We can also book the Free Nurse Assessment on evenings or weekends if that’s the only time you and your family can all get together. Often times family members want to be involved in these meetings and we understand that daytime meetings are not always possible. We will do our best to meet you at your convenience.

What can I expect to talk about at the Free Nurse Assessment?

We ask that you put aside about an hour for the assessment, however, there are no restrictions on the time or any additional costs for going longer. Our Nurse Case Managers want to learn about the details of health concerns, and take notes on the home and issues that need to be addressed (i.e. safety concerns or mobility barriers). Using this information, we create a care plan that ensures your medical needs and personal preferences are taken into account and that the schedule of service fits within your monthly budget. We ask that you be as open and honest as possible with our Nurse ensuring that she can truly create a schedule that is right for you.

During the Free Nurse Assessment, the following topics will likely be discussed:

  • Your personal info and emergency contacts.
  • Your medical history, current health requirements, and any medications or treatments.
  • Your home situation to better understand any safety issues or mobility challenges (i.e. steep stairs).
  • Your personal wishes concerning the type of care you want (i.e. times of day, desired characteristics of of the health care aide, etc.).
  • The costs of the services and what is reasonably affordable for you.
  • The subsidies that may be available to you, if any.
  • When the service should start and at what times of day.

Contact us today to book your Free Nurse Assessment. There is no reason not to! It’s free of charge and it will help you truly explore your option to retire at home!