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Effects of Music on People with Alzheimers

Alzheimer’s and Music Hearing a familiar song can invoke meaningful feelings of nostalgia, can call up memories from the past, and can evoke deep and powerful emotions. Engaging with music, especially music with which memories are associated, can be a pleasant activity for seniors, but it can also act as a tool for stimulating memory […]

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Seniors Coping with Loss Grief

Helping Seniors Cope with Loss The loss of a loved-one is emotionally harrowing and difficult to navigate at any stage of life, but the process of grieving and mourning in older age can impact seniors’ mental and physical health in increasingly significant ways. An unfortunate reality that accompanies the process of growing old is the […]

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Managing Stress Levels with Seniors

Stress in Seniors While many of us consider the senior years to be a period of life that is meant to be filled with feelings of calm and relaxation because seniors supposedly have fewer responsibilities to juggle when they are retired and their families are grown, the truth is that the aging process often brings […]

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Osteoporosis Arthritis calgary

Osteoporosis & Arthritis – Managing Bone Health for Seniors

Caring for The Health of Seniors’ Bones Our bones work hard to support our bodies, and bone-health is incredibly important for mobility and overall quality of life. The reality is that bones are among the parts of the body that are most frequently effected by the aging process, and more than half of seniors will […]

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medication adherence calgary

Seniors and Medication Adherence

Adhering to a Medication Plan can be difficult for many Seniors in Greater Calgary! Whenever medications are prescribed to seniors to address specific health problems or symptoms, the ultimate overarching goal is always to introduce medications that will improve the overall quality of life that seniors experience each day, and to promote longer life for […]

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seniors common cold calgary

Seniors and the Common Cold

While spring may not be too far off in Calgary, the cold temperatures and unpredictable weather that often characterizes the final weeks of winter and the transition into spring can affect seniors’ bodies in numerous ways that impact their health. The common cold often circulates around this time of year, and while everyone can catch a […]

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Seniors Nutrition and Loss of Appetite

Throughout the duration of the aging process, our bodies undergo countless changes that may come to affect our lives in various ways. One of these changes that is frequently felt by seniors relates to eating patterns, often manifesting in the form of a decrease or total loss of appetite. The maintenance of healthy eating patterns […]

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