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Exploring The Benefits of Yoga for Seniors’ Wellbeing – Calgary

The elements of breath, movement, and reflection that are involved in the practice of Yoga culminate to create an engaging experience that directs purposeful attention towards the body, mind, and spirit in ways that foster feelings of connectedness. For seniors who are getting more comfortable in the new stage of life that comes in older […]

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Keeping Seniors Healthy with Physical Activity and Movement – Calgary

As seniors continue to age and face the many physical changes that come along with growing older, it can become disheartening to think about taking part in physical activity when the body no longer feels like it can work in the same ways it once did. While remaining aware and tending to feelings and sensations […]

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Helping Seniors Alleviate Knee Pain – Calgary

Our knees take quite the beating throughout the course of our lives, and for this reason they tend to cause us more trouble when we reach older age. Gravity, time, and overall use all impact the state of our knees, and all of these factors together over the course of the many years seniors have […]

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