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Playfulness for Health and High Spirits – Calgary

Being playful or participating in fun and carefree activities is something we all know to be enjoyable, but we might not necessarily be aware of the ways in which play is actually a constructive use of our time. Today’s society places a great deal of value upon the ideas of being busy, having a packed […]

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Understanding and Attending to Diabetes in Seniors – Calgary

Diabetes, and the symptoms that come along with it, impact an astonishing number of Canadians of varying ages, from diverse backgrounds. In the case of seniors, the difficulties that come along with Diabetes can be increasingly difficult to manage because of the more delicate state of overall health in which many seniors find themselves in […]

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Caring for Seniors’ Oral and Dental Health – Calgary

Oral and dental health are connected to the overall state of health of our bodies’ in significant ways. Many different types of oral health problems exist, some of which have an effect solely on the mouth and others that have the capacity to impact health in ways that extend into other areas of the body. […]

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Helping Seniors Alleviate Knee Pain – Calgary

Our knees take quite the beating throughout the course of our lives, and for this reason they tend to cause us more trouble when we reach older age. Gravity, time, and overall use all impact the state of our knees, and all of these factors together over the course of the many years seniors have […]

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Sharing and Learning: The Importance of Intergenerational Relationships – Calgary

  A big part of growing older is making connections with people who share similar experiences and building relationships based upon common ground. As we move through different stages of life we understand how important it is to forge meaningful connections with peers that are going through the same things we are at around the […]

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Using Art as a Form of Therapy – Calgary

  As a result of the many new changes and challenges that come along with growing older, seniors and their loved-ones must dedicate a great deal of time and energy into thinking about the many behaviours and practices they can and should implement to best promote health through the aging process. When we think about […]

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Healthy Sleeping Patterns for Senior Health Calgary

Getting enough sleep each night is something that is significant for the maintenance of health and wellbeing at all ages, but becomes particularly important in older age. Ensuring that the right balance of both sleep quality and number of hours slept is consistent in seniors’ routines is vital for the states of both mental and […]

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seniors cholesterol calgary

Seniors and Cholesterol

Understanding Cholesterol and the Importance of Monitoring it Unhealthy levels of cholesterol can have a meaningfully harmful and negative effect on seniors’ health, so it is imperative that seniors and those who provide their care and support maintain an awareness of the problems that can come into play so that they can work towards preventing […]

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seniors quit smoking calgary

Helping Seniors Quit Smoking

Despite the fact that knowledge regarding the detrimental effects that smoking can have upon the body is widespread and well-known, many seniors still continue to smoke. People choose to smoke for a whole host of different reasons, whether it be nostalgia, a coping mechanism, a well-cemented habit, or a deep-seated addiction. Whatever feelings or factors […]

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acupuncture seniors calgary

Acupuncture for Seniors

Acupuncture can be an important part of maintaining health in Seniors As seniors grow older and learn to work through the various changes and developments that come as a part of the aging process, many individuals find value in exploring treatment options that exist outside of the traditional biomedical model. Among the options that exist […]

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